Meet the Artisans

Tom Dorathy


With a background in graphic design and 25 years in business designing, building, and finishing custom furniture, Tom has the vision and skills to bring our clients’ ideas to life.

He has a keen eye for color and a vast knowledge of the history of furniture design. He can restore old furniture to its former glory or push the limits on color and faux finishing to fit any aesthetic.

Born in Paris and raised in Virginia, he is also a semi-professional musician.

Aimee Dorathy


With more than 30 years of fine arts experience, as well as long-standing careers in special events and public relations, Aimee is the perfect person to help our clients through the decision-making process.

In the shop, she brings out the beauty in old furniture, giving new life to antiques and contemporary pieces alike. In addition, she has an excellent understanding of design trends and color.

She’s our lead dog wrangler, chicken feeder, and true crime podcast aficionado.

Outside of the shop, she enjoys fishing and spending time with Tom, their two daughters, and their dogs Neko and Ray.


Shop Mother

Neko is a longtime shop dog. This old girl enjoys chin scratches, treats, naps, and more treats.

When she’s not keeping the other dogs in line, she can be found crashed out in a sunny spot.


Self-Appointed Alpha

This girl is relatively new on the scene but has quickly established herself as the shop’s top attention seeker.

Ray enjoys barking at the shop chickens, chasing her herding ball, and destroying plastic bottles.

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